Liebolds Leberkäse aus Bamberg | Liebolds Leberkäs – Premium German Liver Cheese

Liebolds Leberkäs: Premium German Liver Cheese

Canned, ready to bake – since 1897: Our German Leberkäs represents hand-selected, top-notch German Butchery quality. We are 100% certain: There is no better way to Leberkäs. The small, cozy family-run butchery by family Liebold produces since 1897 in fourth generation. It is located in the inner city of Bamberg, Franconia – one of the most medieval parts of Germany, with a history reaching back as far as the 7th century.

The butchery has seen lots of change – but three things are steady constants:

  • Family Liebold always welcomes you with a smile behind the counter,
  • Flair, cozyness and this medieval-like feeling haven’t changed since,
  • The recipe for the incredibly tasteful Leberkäs from the 19th century is a family secret, and in use since

There is a reason why not only Bambergians rely on Leberkäs by family Liebold: Only the best meat, locally sourced from Bavaria is used – with as little fat as required. The only secret: The spice blend used, hand-selected and adapted over decades within the Liebold family.

“In Italy, they use it to make Parma ham – we use it to make our own liver cheese.”

The spice mixture, on the other hand, is a family secret that even we, who are allowed to produce the sausage meat for Thomas Liebold in a modern plant, do not know. So Liebold’s Leberkäs will always remain something special.

When we came up with the idea together in 2016 to fill Leberkäse (also known as meatloaf elsewhere), which until then had only been available in Sandstraße, into cans, the excitement was high to see whether it would actually taste the same as it did on site – without its usual oven. The effort was worth it and we are happy to be able to export a piece of Bamberg and bite into a hot, fresh and tasty Leberkäs at home.

And yet – unfortunately, we haven’t been able to include the shop and the passion of Thomas Liebold behind the counter – but we’ll keep at it. So a visit to Bamberg is still worthwhile…

Your Fischer Butchery

Whoever has visited Bamberg before also knows the sand road in the old town and the Schlenkerla with its world-famous Rauchbier. There a lovely tradition, which was introduced in 1916, has been preserved until today. Until 12.00 o’clock in the morning you may bring your Leberkäsbrödla and enjoy it in the Schlenkerla with a “Halbe” – that is half a liter of beer. And where do you get it? Right next door, of course, at the Liebold butcher’s shop, which has been making Leberkäsbrödla since 1897 and is now in its fourth generation.

At a time when it was not yet as understandable as it is today that there was an oven in the butcher’s shop. So it was up to the apprentices to take Leberkäs to the bakery in numbered pans and to bring it back hot. It was not until 1967 that an oven was installed between the slaughterhouse kitchen and the shop.

If you now heat up a piece of Bamberg in your oven – everything as it used to be? Almost. Of course, four generations have worked on the recipe and, above all, reduced the fat content.

The unanimous opinion is that Liebold’s Leberkäs is extremely good. When criticism is voiced in our price-sensitive Upper Franconia, it is usually about the price. Then we say: Yes, it’s not the cheapest. But we calculate the price solely on the quality. For Leberkäs, we only use Bavarian sow meat from the mallet, add a maximum of 30% fat and use no additives except pickling salt. The mixture of spices is a family secret that not even we know about. But we know – there is no saving on that…

Mustard with Leberkäs may be obligatory for many lovers. With Thomas Liebold in the shop, you should only express this wish in borderline cases, because it could offend his Leberkäs soul. For many decades, the family worked on the spice mixture and reduced the fat content. We invite you to enjoy Liebold’s Leberkäs only with a caraway brödla.

We guarantee: It tastes also without mustard!

Liebold’s Leberkäs has been a trademark for decades and has gained recognition beyond the region. Rumour has it that many a Bamberg visitor has only ever paid a visit for one reason. Pronounced lovers were particularly resourceful in bringing a piece of Bamberg to their friends:

  • A motorcyclist friend from Leverkusen who travels to the event with empty motorcycle bags and, in order not to interrupt the cold chain, drives home at breakneck speed.
  • An engineer, who is not named, of course, but who doesn’t want to do without his Leberkäs in Dubai either and covers the delivery as “gingerbread” in order to get his Leberkäs entry permit…
  • A Berliner, who builds a large freezer in his old Benz, so that he can bring the valuable goods up in one piece within 4 hours (Germans, right?)…

When Marcus Fischer came up with the idea of canning Leberkäs, there was not much persuasion to be had. Because Thomas Liebold was not always comfortable every time the sensitive product went on a journey. After extensive joint test runs, the time came when even the master craftsman himself could no longer tell the difference between shop and canned Leberkäs. Liebold’s Leberkäs went internationally…

You wonder why the can must be refrigerated? The sausage meat is tinned fresh and without further preservatives. You can store the sausage meat in a normal refrigerator for up to 6 months. After opening the tin, the sausage meat is ready to be consumed within 3 days. But who bakes half things?

For those who look beyond the edge of the can – we chose the can because it preserves 100% of the aroma and is also more environmentally friendly than plastic. The energy input for baking a can is approx. 0.50 €.

Our tip: Invite friends. Already with 6 cans in the oven you optimize your balance to less than 10 cents/can 🙂