Liebolds Leberkäse aus Bamberg | auf Fischers

Traditional German Leberkäse

Top-notch quality, traditional recipe, made in Bamberg (Franconia) since 1897. Liebold’s Leberkäs by Fischer is a butcher’s jewel. Enjoy one of Bavaria’s and Franconia’s most popular dishes – hot and fresh, easily prepared in your very own oven.

Good for 6 Months

(Cooled in fridge)

No Additives

(except pickling salt)

No Flavour Enhancers

Lactose and Gluten-free

Resealable Freshness Lid

Highest Franconian Quality

Made by Liebold Butchery, Bamberg

Small Liebold butcher’s shop produces our traditional German Leberkäse (liver cheese). We at Fischer are delighted about this partnership. The butcher’s shop – or “Leberkäsmanufaktur”, as we call it – has been run by the fourth generation of the Liebold family since 1897 and is located in the middle of Bamberg’s old town below the cathedral towers. Our claim: You won’t find any better Leberkäse out there.


So simple: Put the lid on, put the tin in the oven and be patient for 45 minutes (waiting is never easy, right?). That’s really all there is to it!

It’s that simple to prepare. Additionally, we recommend a traditional Kümmelbrödla, or whatever your palate desires, to go with it. In any case, after 45 minutes (at 150 °C) the Leberkäse will have risen above the rim of the tin and you can start enjoying it!